I took apart the engine.

It's the portrait of misery.

We'll have to find out, won't we?

I'm taking a semester off.

Could you please fix this?

I think I should do what I said I would do.

Cristopher's nose was red.

I have lunch with the manager almost every day.

He's a poser.

I didn't even notice when Jayesh left.

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I assume that boy who looks so much like you is your brother.

I must report this to Glenn.

It is true that Aristotle distinguishes the tyrant from the king by the fact that the former governs in his own interest, and the latter only for the good of his subjects; but it would follow from Aristotle's distinction that, from the very beginning of the world, there has not yet been a single king.

They asked Kate to baby-sit for their child.

I know of a city whose inhabitants never smoked.

People should wash their bodies.

We took a long hike up to the summit.

Shanghai is the city we miss the most.

She was like a second mother to me.

Donna didn't want to spend any more time than necessary in Boston.

In any case, it's none of your business.

I was surfing on the internet at this time yesterday.

Now, resume reading where you left off.

There were risks.

Look at this picture.


Where are they taking her?

Norm had decided at an early age that he wanted to become a botanist.

What do you think of Kelly's cooking?

I'm just no good at this.

I was impressed with what I saw.


It was lots of money.

This children's story is easy enough for a seven-year-old child to read.

Sandip isn't crazy.

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Listen, my son!

I think Rayan still believes that.

Deb fell off the roof and broke three ribs.

The detective promised to look into the matter right away.

Because of the bad weather, he couldn't come.

We have really loyal repeat customers.

Hui knows how to assert himself.

Kanthan deposited three thousand dollars in the bank just before closing time.

Two girls threw up on the bus in two days.


Bananas are a kind of fruit.

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Barrio exchanged the red shirt Ian had given him for a blue one.


Rogue heard his telephone ringing.


We won't get cold.


He is a brave and cheerful boy.

Bryce won't be late, will he?

You're on the wrong train.

She has no fashion sense.

Anton doesn't want to learn French.

The key to the so-called mastery of any language is bringing the words and grammar to life through context.

You are to blame for the accident.

The neighborhood was cut in two by the highway.

Teach me how to play a reed pipe.


Who's the gorgeous girl I saw wandering around in the mall with you?

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Amarth told Curt that she should be nicer to John.


Elliot hasn't talked to the manager yet.

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I simply don't know.

It seems I'm going to be up all night tonight.

The meeting will take place next Monday.

Do you have the rota for this week?

I said I would tell you.

He's not my type.

I was just thinking about Tovah.

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I still can't work it out.

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Have you ever seen a lion?

We've only just started.

Tennis is loads of fun.

I skipped one.

Let me rephrase it.

Maybe I'll buy a bike.

Claude, are you awake?

You're illiterate.

His words and action do not accord.

You make it sound so easy.

That's one of the perks of being the manager.


We're pretty good.

The party is to be held next Sunday, weather permitting.

They carried out a new chemical experiment.

The dog ran around and around the tree.

That's not what we're about.

It is wrong to tell lies.

Please tell me how much you paid for that.

My eyes weren't sharp enough to tell whether the black spot on the ceiling was a spider or a fly.

There's a motion sensor in the corner.

No sooner has one typhoon passed than the next one approaches.

He is a handsome man.

How does this look?

Today the weather is so bad that a good master wouldn't let his dog out.

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He likes to live in Tokyo.


When did that last happen?


They left last night.


Emily won first prize in the speech contest.

Do you think I'm bluffing?

I need a massage.

Much work, little money.

Disease and famine go together.

"What would your mother think?" "She's never going to find out."

I have nothing to tell you for the moment.

I wish I hadn't believed them.

You're interesting.

She has decided to live in America for good.

Why did you kiss her?

I don't wear makeup at all.

I'll let everybody know.

You know why I'm here, don't you?

You were always like that.


Don't pretend what you don't feel.

Automobile sales suffered a setback at the end of the financial year.

We're parents.

Merat is very poor.

Could Randal really have said such horrible things?

I'm behind schedule.

I'll visit whenever I can.

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I kind of liked him.


What he says is absolutely correct.

I'm not a child.

I want to change.


Suu walked to Park Street and then turned left.

What'll it be, Juliet?

If you start at once you'll arrive by six o'clock.

My brother says he isn't afraid of the dark.

I need to find people to chill with.

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Please remove your shoes before entering the house.

Roy had a little too much to drink.

I want to concentrate on that.

He believes that the story is true.

Let's talk about it.

I would prefer to speak to you in private.

What the heck, I'll do it! When shall I start?

She is dead to pity.

The cough went away without any medicine needed.

The show is being recorded in studio 4.

I didn't want to tell you about this on the phone.

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His teeth are white like a pearl.

No one knows what's right.

Actually, it's my job.

I swim every chance I get.

I speak to Jones every day.

How am I supposed to know where she's hiding her money?

I waited up for him until ten o'clock.

I gave Bobbie the day off.

Harv is no longer a kid.

We'll be here for a while.

She was nearly frozen to death in the snow.

How can she speak that fast?

Why didn't you come into work yesterday?

Christina definitely doesn't want to be class president.

The seventy-year-old man kept his twenty-year-old wife at home all the time; he had a dog-in-the-manger attitude.

I thought you wanted this.

I live by my own rules.


He is not wise but clever.

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Please find her.

Sedat doesn't want to get out of bed.

It barely missed!


Perhaps she does not know you.

We got drunk together.

The dog barked.

Becky is being modest.

I study after I watch television.

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Gordon worked for almost three hours.

Tell her that I am having a nap.

Would $300 help?

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What is that over there?

He spoke despairingly of his son's actions.

Tamara seemed like a soul in despair since she was always lonely, downcast, and melancholic.

My parents are there.

I have a deposit of a thousand dollars here.